Four Steps


The Colours of Money © Seminars (or equivalent)

Introductory seminar to associative economics and the Quality Guarantee Mark

Step 1 provides an overview of the history and purpose of the Mark and the Rules governing its use. Key topics include the need for competence, appropriate ownership and capital structures, transparent accounting, and effective management of money flows, and the importance of the ‘Meeting’ (see Criterion 4).


Colours of Money+ © (or equivalent)

Testing one’s understanding of associative working in practice

Step 2 is designed to sharpen the skills and understanding needed to become an Entrepreneur. This stage entails participation in regular meetings with other Entrepreneurs in order to ‘test’ one’s understanding of associative working in today’s conditions. Entry to Step 2 requires participants to be responsible for an actual business, new or already existing.


Colours of Money2

Committing one’s enterprise to become a holder of the Quality Guarantee Mark

Having decided formally to make one’s enterprise eligible to use the Mark, this stage has two aspects. Firstly, making any necessary changes to the capitalisation, structure, management, and accounting of the enterprise. Secondly, undertaking to meet with at least two other holders or would-be holders in the sense of Criterion 4 (The Meeting).

Click here to download the Statement of Commitment (pdf)
Click here to download the Accounting Framework (xls)


Receiving recognition

Becoming certified to use the Quality Guarantee Mark

Enterprises that have completed Steps 1-3 and that fulfil the 4 Criteria announce their eligibility and request certification.

Click here to download the Certification Request (pdf)
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